About So Thai Spa Bangkok

So Thai Spa Bangkok is part of the So Thai Spa group, which also owns So Thai Spa London, in UK.

So Thai Spa Bangkok is a luxury Thai day spa, set in private gardens in central Bangkok, just off Sukhumvit Road.

So Thai Spa Bangkok aims to be the best spa in Bangkok.

Why is So Thai Spa Bangkok special? 

We aim to provide you with the best luxury Thai spa experience in Bangkok and differentiate ourselves on the basis of our understanding of the needs of international clientele. 
We are set in a private detached villa surrounded by beautiful gardens, providing a sense of relaxation and privacy. All treatments take place in well-appointed private treatment rooms and massage tables are used, rather than the mats on the floor that are used at many other Bangkok spas.
Our therapists are among the most talented, well-trained and experienced in the industry; most of them have international spa experience, including at our London spa.

So Thai Spa's Mission
So Thai Spa aims to deliver a fusion spa concept by providing customers with a combination of the best of spa practices from East and West. So Thai Spa is uniquely placed to provide this fusion spa concept given its dual bases, with spas in Bangkok and London. By being present in these two markets, So Thai Spa is able to develop a deeper understanding of both the Western and the Eastern spa industries, and then transfer the acquired knowledge and skills from London to Bangkok, and vice-versa.
This concept follows a wider trend, which is seeing the various national or regional spas industries converge globally, as spa clientele travel internationally and come to expect the best spa practices that they have experienced to be offered everywhere. This phenomenon, although easy to observe, is happening slowly, largely because most spa groups are concentrated in one particular region.
So Thai Spa, on the other hand, is perfectly positioned (and explicitly aims) to stay ahead of the wider trends by keeping on top of the latest developments in both the Eastern and Western spa markets.



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