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STP & I Public Company Limited was established in 1975, where for over 35 years, the Company has provided customers with professional manufacturing of customized quality steel fabrication including Steel Structure, Piping Fabrication, Process Module, and Other Fabrication steels such as Modules, Tank, Pressure Vessel, Boiler, etc. One of STP&I’s strengths is its capability to fabricate large built-up beam steel for huge infrastructure and heavy industry projects such as power plants, refineries, high-rise buildings, roof structure, bridges, elevated highways, and airports.

STP&I owns and operates two production plants in Chonburi and Rayong provinces with a total steel fabrication capacity at 115,000 ton / year which included the expansion in 2008 of new facilities investment at Sriracha Fabrication Shop and Laem Chabang Assembly Yard.

    Core Business of STP&I can be categorized into three key groups:

  1. Engineering Service: The Company provides engineering service in detail design of steel-to-steel connection, shop drawing for steel structure, piping, and erection works by a differently efficient software.
  2. Fabrication : The Company has the capability to fabricate steel and pipe in workshop which contained with suitable equipment of canes, CNC Cutting and Welding machine, Press machine, automatic Blasting machine and other tools necessary to undertake the variety and complexity of fabricated products to ensure the efficiency of fabrication processes and cost effective.
  3. Construction: With experiences in assembly, mechanical equipment installation and erection, STP&I could perform the great various construction works, generally for the same classification of projects for which they pre-fabricate. The Company performs the works both at the Company’s facilities and at the client’s project site.

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